"A passion for cooking is what I have...Sharing that passion is what I love to do." -Sarah Vasques, The Home Chef


Meet Shelley......

Published by: Sarah

  • Jun
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This my latest student. A mother of 2 little boys – cute as a button I might add. Her husband gave her cooking lessons for her birthday – though I don’t know why; she most certainly knows her way around the kitchen.  Great working with you Shelley. Keep practising the folding of those burritos’  🙂 And never forget – San Souci!!

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"Mom, You're Wearing White!"

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  • Mar
  • 23

There is a long-standing joke with my kids when they were younger (and even now) that when I wear/wore white, I was always cooking something that was red.

Today I had the wonderful privilege to teach a mom & step-daughter an Italian meal which included; Tomato Basil Bisque and a Basic Marinara Sauce.

WELL, I THOUGHT I made sure that when it came to getting anywhere close to the “red” stuff, that  the students did the work & not me. I obviously didn’t stay out-of-the-way as well as I thought.  Oxi-clean, here I come – AGAIN 🙂




Meet Cam....

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  • Apr
  • 13

Cameron is 14 years old & loves cooking. He will be a freshmen in high school this coming fall &  planning to take Culinary (an elective course of study). To give him a head start, his mother decided to give him cooking lessons as a birthday gift. Here you see him during his second class preparing Tacoritos, one of my families favorites  (look for the recipe). I was glad that he wasn’t intimidated by the lengthy recipe. Instead, tackling it head on with determination.

I’ve taught hundreds of middle school children during my 5 years of teaching & I have to say that I’m very impressed with his skills, his attentiveness & his ability to follow directions without question. He truly wants to learn and therefore he is learning – KUDOS CAM!

I am pleased to be a stepping stone on his pathway into the culinary world!


Everyone Deserves a Chance to Learn

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  • Apr
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The Learning Process:

Lessons are held in a series of six 1 1/2 hour classes. They focus on proper food handling, knife skills, menu planning and, of course, preparing delicious food. You choose the recipes you want to learn. When the series is completed, you should be able to execute a four course meal from appetizer to dessert with everything in between.

“But I Can’t Boil Water!”

I’ll be the first to admit, there are some that should never be allowed in a kitchen, let alone yield a knife. BUT, if the passion is there, then I say “Feed it!” Any person (10 to 65+) who has the desire, will learn. In my experience, patience & determination always prevail.