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Entertaining at Graduation

Published by: Sarah

  • Mar
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The snow is nearly all gone now and that means some of us will be celebrating a high school graduation or welcoming back our sons and daughters from college with degrees in hand. Certainly this is a time to bring family and friends together with an indoor or outdoor get together. No problem… but as a proud parent, wouldn’t you like to enjoy the day too?

Seriously, isn’t this day as much a celebration of your hard work for 18+ years of dirty rooms, being the taxi to sporting events and getting that dog you never really wanted? Why do all the work when you should be relaxing and celebrating YOUR success in raising a child that is finding success in life.

I’m happy to come in and make your family favorites on the grill or in the kitchen. Let’s meet-up and talk about the food for your perfect graduation day. Just think, by the time you get back from the ceremony, I could have the appetizers ready with main dishes for everyone not far behind.

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