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Meet Cam….

Published by: Sarah

  • Apr
  • 13

Cameron is 14 years old & loves cooking. He will be a freshmen in high school this coming fall &  planning to take Culinary (an elective course of study). To give him a head start, his mother decided to give him cooking lessons as a birthday gift. Here you see him during his second class preparing Tacoritos, one of my families favorites  (look for the recipe). I was glad that he wasn’t intimidated by the lengthy recipe. Instead, tackling it head on with determination.

I’ve taught hundreds of middle school children during my 5 years of teaching & I have to say that I’m very impressed with his skills, his attentiveness & his ability to follow directions without question. He truly wants to learn and therefore he is learning – KUDOS CAM!

I am pleased to be a stepping stone on his pathway into the culinary world!


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