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E3: Did You Know…….

Published by: Sarah

  • Jul
  • 15

Insert into post … David Burkes House of Prime has their own cattle ranch with a bull named “Prime?”

… The bull “Prime” is sire to all the steak’s served at David Burkes Prime House?

… The Prime House have an aging vault lined with salt blocks that are millions of years old?

.. The Steak and Main restaurant in Northeast, MD has a contest called the Great Steak Challenge; which is 74 oz (5 1/2 lbs.)total plus 1 lb of sides?

… The Great Steak Challenge consists of 12 oz. NY Strip, 8 oz. Filet, TWO 13 oz. Delmonico’s, 16 oz. Flat Iron and 12 oz. Prime Rib?


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