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RR: Did You Know…….

Published by: Sarah

  • Oct
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… It takes 4000 coffee beans to make 1# of coffee?

… That tomatoes were first thought to be poisonous? In 1820, Colonel Robert Johnson of NJ stood on the steps of the Salem courthouse under the watchful eye of over 2000 onlookers and ate a whole basket of tomatoes while the local band played a dirge. He did not keel over much to the disappointment of a few pessimists no doubt and the rest is tomato history.

… “Parta Shu” means shoe paste & is the basic dough for eclairs & cheese puffs?

…  Food Networks”Iron Chef” Morimoto has his knives made to order in Japan?

… You can clean your barbeque grill with crumpled up tin foil?


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