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  • Feb
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This home chef  has more than a “passion for cooking.” I also love performing on stage. I prefer musicals, but will do, what I call, “straights” if it is familiar to me. 

Most recently, November 2011, I was in a production of “Oliver” where I reprised my role as the Widow Corney for the 2nd time. Everyone teased me during tech week because of a misprint in the playbill. The cast & crew were saying I was very transparent & could see right through me; the misprint:The Window Corney.

Our performances must have impressed those higher-ups in the thespian world because we were “tapped” to perform at the New Hampshire Theater Awards (the NH version of the Oscar’s). Only seven performed the evening of February 3, 2012 (out of hundreds of theater groups in the state). This was a great honor & I was proud to be a part of it.  Here you see me, my son Chris & daughter Becca all decked out before the show.

You can view the video my daughter took of our performance; a medley of “I’d Do Anything & Consider Yourself” on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyeA5FkgwvU –  I’m the funny looking lady standing next to “Mr. Bumble” as the lights come up wearing  the white cap & apron. Enjoy!


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