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U: Did You Know…….

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… Popcorn is the #1 snack food in the United States? Consumers eat an average of 58 quarts per peron each year!

… Kansasa City is the Barbeque “Meca” of the USA? Imigrants came up from the south & stayed because of the abundance of Hickory & Oak groves!

… In 2003 in Northern Denmark the largest salami was made? It was 500′ long (the Statue of Liberty is 200′ tall)!

… “Head Cheese” was a working title for the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Head cheese is a chewy cold cut made from pig cheeks!

… Laid end to end, the yearly output of Kingsford Charcoal in Oregon would circle the earth 4.2 times?


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