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S: Did You Know…….

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  • Jan
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… Chocolate Coin Candy is put into Christmas stockings to celebrate the generosity of Saint Nicholas & given at Hanukkah to show the value of money?

…Natural sugars, such as honey, molasses & maple syrup (the darker the better) AND air-popped popcorn & whole wheat pasta ALL have 4x the antioxidants than pure Acai?

…Pesto comes from the words “to pound?” So, when making your own pesto, the food processor does the “pounding” for you 🙂

… 2000 years ago, the ancient Romans used salt as currency & to pay workers salaries?

… Scovil Units are used to measure heat levels in hot peppers? A Jalapeno has a Scovil index of 4,000 where a Habanero has a Scovil index of 550,000!


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