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Steak Au Poivre

Published by: Sarah

  • Jan
  • 13

2 Tenderloin Steaks, 1” thick
1-2 T Cracked Black Pepper
4 T Butter, divided
1 lg. Shallot, chopped
1/3 c. Beef Broth
3 T Cognac
Fresh Parsley for Garnish

Season steaks with salt.
Press the peppercorns into 1 side of the meat.
Heat 2 T butter & oil in a pan.
Place the steaks pepper side down in heated pan.
Cook about 4-5 minutes.
Turn & cook another 3-4 minutes.
Remove to a plate, cover with foil & let rest.
Pour off about 1 T of grease from pan.
Add the shallot & cook until soft.
Add the beef broth & simmer a few minutes.
Add the cognac.
Finish sauce with remaining 2 T butter.
Pour sauce over steaks & garnish with parsley.


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