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Roasted Garlic Burgers

Published by: Sarah

  • Dec
  • 24

Garlic when roasted becomes very sweet and it is a staple in our house. It’s a great substitute for butter on bread – not necessarily on your morning toast 😉 & it’s good for you!

2# 85% Lean Ground Beef **
¾ c. Roasted Garlic
½ tsp. Salt
6 T. Water
4 Hamburger Buns

Bring the meat to room temperature.
Combine meat, water & salt.
Gently fold in roasted garlic.
Form into four 8 ounce burgers.
Grill to desired temperature.
Serve on hamburger buns with your favorite toppings & condiments.

** NOTE: You may sub in ground turkey for the beef. Increase the water to 10 T ( or 2/3 c.).


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