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Make Your Produce Last Longer

Published by: Sarah

  • May
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With prices climbing out of
control these days, you want
to get the most from your
grocery purchases. Produce
especially doesn’t last as long
as it should.

Try these tips & you may be surprised….

–  Store celery in aluminum foil. I don’t know why, but it lasts up to a month when stored this way.

– For iceberg lettuce, simply remove the core & wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Believe it or not, it will last 3x as long if stored this way.

 – Store all other produce in “Ziploc Fresh Produce Bags” (the green box).  It is this cooks experience, that your produce will last much longer using this brand versus others.

 – Once peppers, zucchini, cucumbers & squash are cut, store in foil. This helps prevent them from getting “slimy.”

 – Onions & potatoes  should be stored @ room temperature in a dark, cool place for best longevity. However, shallots, if not going to be used right away, should be refrigerated.


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