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Stay Well Equipped

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There is basic cookware & utensils that every kitchen should have and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Even for people who don’t cook much, the absolute minimum should be readily available for those times you do. Along with the obvious: Forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups, bowls, a stove, oven & microwave, every kitchen should have….

The Basic Kitchen:

Measuring Spoons         4″ Paring Knife                 8″ Cooks Knife                        6″ Serated Knife
Kitchen Shears               Meat Thermometer          4 c. Sauce Pot with Lid          4 qt. Pot with Lid
Silicone Scrapers            Mixing Bowls                    Cutting Boards                        Measuring Cups
Collander                           – 1 small                              – 1 plastic                                   – 2 c. wet
Sheet Pans                         – 1 medium                         – 1 wood                                    –  set of dry
Tongs                                  – 1 large                              Timer                                         Flat Whisk
Regular Spatula’s           Can Opener                        Church Key (bottle & can combined)
Mini Food Processor or Hand Chopper                 12″ Non-stick Skillet with Lid
Electric Hand Mixer

The Cooks Kitchen:

Everything from “The Basic, Basic Kitchen” plus……
Round Whisk                Garnishing Knife                    Peeler                                        Reamer
Grater                             9×13 Baking Dish                    8×8 Baking Dish                     Oval Casserole
Strainers                        Food Processor                       Blender                                     Lg. Stock Pot
Steamer Basket            Cake Pans                                 Bundt Pan                                Slow Cooker
Serving Trays               Serving  Dishes                      Microplane (a.k.a. zester)    8″ Chef Knife
8″ Bread Knife             Filet Knife                                 Tomato Knife                          5″ Santoku
3″ Paring Knife            Ramekins

Optional Items:

Stand Mixer
Stove Top Smoker
Single Serve Caserole Dishes


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