"A passion for cooking is what I have...Sharing that passion is what I love to do." -Sarah Vasques, The Home Chef


My Story

Published by: Sarah

  • Mar
  • 25

Ever since my 8th grade home economics class, where I made boxed tacos for the first time, I knew cooking was in my blood. The “passion” didn’t truly take hold until 1996, when I catered a cocktail party for a neighbor. From then on I was hooked.

Through the years I’ve had the honor of having my recipes published in New Hampshire Magazine, Taste of Home, the Nashua Telegraph and several cookbooks. Currently, you can find several of my recipes on various websites including:

  • food.com
  • ask.com
  • cookeatshare.com
  • nh.com
  • allrecipes.com
  • tasteofhome.com

In January 2000, I joined WMUR-TV’s “Cook’s Corner” news segment. I was a regular on Wednesday afternoons twice a month for a year and a half.

In the fall of 2000, I began to teach cooking as an enrichment course at Milford Middle School in Milford, New Hampshire; first as an aid, then graduating to full instructor. It became a rewarding part-time job. Eventually, I moved to the Amherst, New Hampshire school system through the Souhegan Valley Boys & Girls Club (SVBGC). Recently the SVBGC built a new facility and I was asked to design their kitchen. What an honor that was!

When my grandmother passed away, I inherited her beautiful dining room table. Requiring 18-feet from end to end to comfortably get around, the table prompted my husband and I to design and build a house. During the design process, I asked my husband’s opinion only once about the interior layout. His response was, “just give me a 3-car garage with a 13-foot ceiling.” In hindsight it should have been a 4-car garage.

The kitchen was designed for cooking demonstrations and entertaining with an open air feeling. My “Wall of Weird,” which displays over 40 odd (and some not so odd) kitchen gadgets, makes a wonderful conversation piece.


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